Controller KRYPTON 350

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  • Symbol produktu: 350
  • Manufacturer: ProND


The Krypton 350 controller is a modern controller for fine coal-charging boilers with an advanced algorithm for controlling the PID FUZZY LOGIC blower. This controller is a development of the Krypton 340 regulator based on a large 4.3 '' color touch screen. This controller continuously and automatically controls the blower and maintains the temperature set on the boiler at a constant level. This solution prevents sudden temperature changes in the boiler. In addition, a flue gas temperature sensor can be connected to the regulator, the use of which is to reduce the amount of heat blown into the chimney, and thus it has an impact on the amount of fuel burned. The use of this regulator improves the ergonomics of use: there is no need to interfere with the settings of the controller when changing the fuel (fuel). The Krypton 350 microprocessor controller is designed to control the operation of the blower, CH pump, DHW pump, and an additional pump (e.g. floor pump) in central heating installations, it has an output for connecting a remote control.



- PID algorithm
- possibility of connecting an exhaust gas temperature sensor
- control of the CH circulation pump
- control of the pump loading the DHW tank
- control of an additional pump, pump 3 (floor pump, circulation pump, boiler pump or exchanger pump)
- PILOT or room thermostat operation
- anti-freeze system below 5 °C
- anti-stop system to prevent pump stagnation
- possibility to set the maximum and minimum blower revolutions (operation with various types of blowers)
- gradual switching on of the blower from minimum to maximum speed
- fuel shortage control
- readable 4.3 '' color display with touch control
- clock
- easy-to-use menu


Krypton 350 in 1S casing - Version for installation on the boiler or next to the boiler on the wall, panel at an angle, cables led out from the back of the controller housing


A system with a central heating pump and pump 3 working as a floor pump

A system with a CH pump and pump 3 working as a DHW circulation pump

A system with a central heating pump and pump 3 working as a boiler pump (for additional heating of the boiler return)

A system with a central heating pump and pump 3 working as a heat exchanger pump