Blower speed controller REG-3

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  • Symbol produktu: 253
  • Manufacturer: ProND


The REG 3 microprocessor-based blower fan speed controller is designed to control the operation of a single-phase blower powered from 230V mains voltage. The device has the ability to control the blower rotation from an external source, it has a 0V-10V control input which allows the REG-3 to work with industrial controllers that support this standard. Moreover, the regulator has an input that triggers the regulation to which a 230V signal can be connected (e.g. from a device whose activation is also to start a blower connected to the REG-3 regulator). The controller has an "ENABLE" input which "allows" to turn on the blower. The blower can start running if this input is short-circuited.



- smooth speed control of the blower (or single-phase motor)
- possibility to regulate the minimum and maximum revolutions
- support for large blowers (550W)
- the ability to regulate the blower speed from an external controller with 0V-10V voltage
- the possibility of starting the regulation by supplying 230V voltage
- the possibility of starting the regulation by a potential-free contact, a limit switch or a relay
- possibility to set the delay time of blower activation
- possibility to set the blower extension time after switching off the regulation
- adjustable blower acceleration time
- modular housing with the possibility of mounting on a DIN rail
- simple operation
- easy to assemble