Controller KRYPTON PID

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  • Symbol produktu: STZ-008
  • Manufacturer: ProND


Krypton PID controller is a modernized version of a controller with an added PID algorithm making it one of the most reliable and the most fuel-efficient controllers on the market. Krypton PID microprocessor controller is designed to control the blower and a circulating pump in the C.H. systems. It has an output for connecting a remote control which further enhances its usability. The controller continuously and automatically controls the blower and maintains a pre-set boiler temperature at a constant level. This solution ensures that there are no rapid temperature changes in the boiler. The use of this controller improves the operation ergonomics: there is no need to interfere in settings the controller in the case of a change of fuel..

Special features


- a flexible adjustment of the blower speed
- PID algorithm
- controlling a C.H. circulating pump
- using a remote control (PILOT) or a room thermostat
- an anti-freeze system below 5°C
- an anti-stop system to prevent the stopping of pumps
- the ability to set the minimum and maximum blower speed (operation with different types of blowers)
- gradual switching the blower from minimum to maximum speed
- fuel shortage check
- easy to read LED display
- easy to use menu
* The regulator is also available in the enhanced version (for high power boilers, supporting two blowers)


The Krypton regulator in a plastic housing

Krypton controller in a metal housing

Regulator operating system