Controller KRYPTON 340

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  • Symbol produktu: 340
  • Manufacturer: ProND


Krypton 340 regulator is a modern controller for fine coal and hopper boilers with an advanced algorithm for controlling the PID FUZZY LOGIC blower. The controller continuously and automatically controls the blower and maintains a pre-set boiler temperature at a constant level. This solution ensures that there are no rapid temperature changes in the boiler. In addition, the exhaust gas temperature sensor can be connected to the controller, the use of which is to reduce the amount of heat exhausted to a chimney, and thus it affects the amount of fuel burned. The use of this controller improves the operation ergonomics: there is no need to interfere in settings the controller in the case of a change of fuel. Krypton 340 microprocessor controller is designed to control the operation of the blower, C.H. pump, H.T.W. pump, and an auxiliary pump (e.g. a floor pump) in C.H. systems. It has an output for connecting a remote control..

Special features


- PID algorithm
- the ability to connect exhaust temperature sensor
- control of a C.H. circulating pump
- controlling the pump that feeds the H.T.W. tank
- control of an additional pump, pump 3 (a floor or circulation pump or a boiler pumo or a heat exchanger pump)
- using a remote control (PILOT) or a room thermostat
- an anti-freeze system below 5°C
- an anti-stop system to prevent the stopping of pumps
- the ability to set the minimum and maximum blower speed
(working with blowers of various types)
- gradual switching the blower from minimum to maximum speed
- fuel shortage check
- easy to read LED display
- easy to use menu


Krypton 340.01 in a 1T plastic housing. The basic version of the controller, outputs for the C.H. pump and blower (H.T.W. and pump 3 after adding the wiring and sensors). The set includes a sensor of the boiler and the boiler thermostat.

Krypton 340.02 in 1T plastic housing. Version C.H. + H.T.W., outputs for the C.H. pump, H.T.W. pump, blower (operation of pump 3 after adding wiring and sensor). The set includes a sensor boiler, boiler thermostat, and H.T.W. sensor.

Krypton 340.03 in 1T plastic housing. Version C.H. + H.T.W. pump 3. The set includes a sensor for the boiler, a boiler thermostat, H.T.W. sensor, pump 3 sensor.

Krypton 340.03 in 1T plastic housing. Krypton 340.07 / 340.08 / 340.09 controls in options as above in a grey and black plastic 1T housing.

Krypton 340 PS drawer housing - A version for installation in its entirety under the insulation of the boiler. The operator's panel mounted on the front of the boiler insulation. On the back of the housing, sockets for connecting devices

Regulator operating system

An arrangement with pump 3 operating as a floor pump (a pump for the underfloor heating)

An arrangement with pump 3 operating as a H.T.W. circulating pump

An arrangement with pump 3 operating as a boiler pump (a pump that warms the boiler return flow in the first place)

An arrangement with pump 3 operating as a heat exchanger pump