Controller Krypton B P

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Krypton BP microprocessor temperature controller is designed to control the operation of the central heating boiler. charging hopper with an air jacket equipped with a blower ventilating the furnace; stabilizes its temperature by smooth blower speed control (PID algorithm).Krypton BP controls the operation of a hot air blower and two high-power blowers (550W) to aerate the furnace. The use of this regulator improves the ergonomics of use: there is no need to interfere with the settings of the controller when the fuel is changed. The device has an output for connecting a remote control which further increases its usability.




- flexible adjustment of the speed of blowers supplying air to the burner
- PID algorithm
- controlling the hot air blower
- using a remote control (PILOT) or a room thermostat
- the ability to set the minimum and maximum speed of a blower supplying air to a burner (operation with different types of blowers)
- gradual switching the blower supplying air to a burner from minimum to maximum speed
- support for high power blowers (550W)
- fuel shortage check
- easy to read LED display
- easy to use menu