Panel pokojowy PILOT R WiFi

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  • Symbol produktu: 090
  • Manufacturer: ProND


The PILOT R WiFi remote control panel is a functional device compatible with PROND regulators equipped with an RJ12 socket for remote control connection. PILOT enables remote monitoring of the operation of devices such as a feeder, blower or central heating pump. Moreover, it enables remote change of boiler / circuit settings, and has the function of a room thermostat (turning off the circulation pump when the room is heated up). The WiFi version has an additional wireless module for communication with PILOT R via a simple website. Additional functions are available through this communication:

- preview of the boiler / mixer temperature and its change

- preview of DHW temperature and change of its settings

- viewing the outside temperature

- fuel level indicator (for boilers with a feeder)

- remote change of the regulator's operating status on the boiler (start / stop, extinguishing / firing up)

- sending data to the server and previewing them on the website

  The availability of additional functions depends on the model and version of the boiler controller.

Warning !!!

            The PILOT R WiFi control is not an internet module, however, it enables communication in the local network with the possibility of redirection outside (depending on the conditions of the internet provider). In addition, it has the ability to send data in real time to the server and view them at Thanks to this, the WiFi remote control is a functional device for remote monitoring of temperatures and operating status of devices in the boiler room. Some of the Pilot's functions require basic knowledge of home network configuration.

For developers:

The R WiFi remote sends data to the browser in JSON format, which advanced users can use in their own control projects (intelligent building etc.). Details can be found in the developer appendix.


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- remote control of the temperature of the boiler/heating circuit
- preview of the operation of such devices as a feeder, blower, pump
- controlling room temperature (room thermostat function)
- displaying alarms
- Signalling alarms with a sound (the sounds can be enabled or disabled)
- the possibility to program an additional alarm when the pre-set temperature is exceeded
- the possibility to lower the setting of the boiler/heating circuit when the pre-set temperature in the room has been reached

- sending data to the server and previewing them on the website
- preview of the boiler temperature
- preview of the room temperature
- fuel shortage check
- clear LED display
- easy-to-use menu
- easy installation (cable included with the REMOTE CONTROL)
- available in different language versions



White housing version