Room control panel PILOT G 902

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The PILOT G 902 remote control panel is a refreshed version of the already known PILOT G with a more modern housing and illuminated touch keys. It is a modern device cooperating with PROND regulators equipped with an RJ12 socket for connecting a remote control. The panel allows remote monitoring of such devices as a feeder, blower and a C.H. pump. It also allows to remotely change the settings of the boiler/circulation, changing the setting of the H.T.W. and has a function of a room thermostat (switching off the circulating pump when the room is warmed). Some Prond regulators allow remote start of work with the PILOT G 902. It has built-in time zones (temperature programming for the whole week).


Special features




- built-in time zones for the entire week
- remote control of the temperature of the boiler/heating circuit
- remote control of the setting of H.T.W.

- remote start of the boiler operation in cooperation with selected regulators 
- preview of the operation of such devices as a feeder, blower, pump
- monitoring of the temperature outside (when the weather sensor is connected to the controller on the boiler)
- controlling room temperature (room thermostat function)
- displaying alarms
- Signalling alarms with a sound (the sounds can be enabled or disabled)
- the possibility to program an additional alarm when the pre-set temperature is exceeded
- the possibility to lower the setting of the boiler/heating circuit when the pre-set temperature in the room has been reached
- preview of the boiler temperature
- preview of the room temperature
- fuel shortage check
- easy to read LCD display
- alarm clock
- keylock
- easy to use menu
- easy installation




Version with white housing