In this group of controllers there are devices that allow for optimum combustion of fuel in fine coal boilers - in hoppers. We offer simple controllers that support a circulating pump and a blower, as well as those that support advanced heating systems with a support for mixing valve's actuator, the hot water circulation pumps, pumps for the floor, as well as pumps that are weather-controlled or controlled by an exhaust gas sensor.

In this group there are also controllers with a fuzzy logic PID algorithm that improves fuel combustion and that allows for an accurate stabilization of a boiler's temperature. Most of the controllers in this group have a variable fan speed as well as remote control - PILOT room panel or room thermostat. In this group there are also controllers for high power boilers that support the blowers with a capacity of 550W and more. In addition, most regulators are available in various housings that allow for adjustment of the housing and the regulator to the working conditions in which the controller will be located.